Carolyn Kinsman, 23/05/2017
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Remembering with thanks

At Church Army we are incredibly grateful for each and every one of our supporters, for those that partner with us, pray for us, support us financially and remember us in their Wills.

At our offices in Sheffield we have a Book of Remembrance where we include a photograph and details of those who have left us gifts in their Wills and those where money has been donated in their memory, as a reminder of those who have faithfully supported Church Army and so we can give thanks for their lives.

Edna Waite


THE LATE Edna Waite

Date of death: 13 February 2017

Edna 's association with Church Army started in 1973 when she became a very close friend of Margaret Lucking (retired Churh Army officer) when they both worshipped at Christ Church, Roxeth. They formed a prayer group together and were both involved with the Womens Fellowship, Mother's Union and fund raising events for the Church Army and other missionary societies.  Edna was also a gifted pianist and started a choir at Christ Church.

Edna lived in her own home until she died at the age of 97 supported through her dementia by her close family and friends at her local church in Emmer Green.

We are so thankful for the gift of £1,000 Edna left to Church Army in her Will. 
Joyce Rawlinson  

THE LATE Joyce Rawlinson


Joyce was a great supporter of Church Army and in her Will she generously chose to leave us a gift of £2,000, for which we are incredibly thankful for.

Joyce faced a lot of loss in her life losing her husband at a young age, and then a son and a grandson, all in separate tragic accidents, but she never stopped loving God and serving him as best she knew how.

Joyce worked for many years in Huddersfield Market selling cheese and cold meats. She threw herself into the service of others, being an active volunteer with the Huddersfield Emergency Volunteer Ambulance, the Scouts and Mother’s Union. Following the loss of her husband she committed herself to serving her church, St Barnabas Parish Church, Crosland Moor, as a long serving member of the choir, running a lunch club for many years and serving on many committees, including PCC and the Deanery Synod.

Joyce also had a great love of amateur dramatics performing in many productions, including playing the part of Mrs Noah in a production of the story of Noah.



The late Alan Charles Dowsett

15 July 1927 - 30 October 2016

Alan was born in 1927 in Beckenham, Kent. He was from a church family and went to Selwyn College, Cambridge in October 1948, with the aim of entering the ministry of the Church of England, Ordination as a curate at St Mary, Portsea, Portsmouth followed and he continued his ministerial work, largely in Bristol, until the end of his life. He was married to Joan and had two children, Clare and James.
Alan very kindly left Church Army a gift in his Will.
Gerald William Pears


The late Gerald William Pears

1924 - 2016

Gerald was born and lived most of his life in Clowne. He began his working life as a trainee accountant at Staveley Coal and Iron Company but decided to retrain as a teacher in 1949 and he spent the rest of his working life teaching in local schools, except for 4 years teaching in Germany with the British Forces Education Service between 1954 and 1958.

Gerald was bought up a Methodist but in the 1960s decided to join St John’s Church in Clowne, and became a committed member of the Anglican church, taking on various jobs within the church community and making many friends there.

Gerald is remembered by his friends for his generosity and support many charities. His support for Church Army was after hearing a Church Army Captain speak at a meeting in the 1980s, which left a great impression on him in terms of Church Army’s work, and which is why he chose to leave Church Army a gift of £5,000 in his Will.

Gerald had an optimistic and cheerful outlook on life and those closest to him felt that the words he chose for his memorial stone “A life fulfilled” were a fitting description.
dorothy almond  

The late Dorothy Almond MBE

17 March 1925 - 14 April 2016

Dorothy was born in Westhead, Lancashire on 17 March 1925, with her twin sister, Margaret, to Walter and Martha Almond. She went to school in Westhead and Ormskirk before going to Southport Technical College for a secretarial course.
At the age of 15 she was confirmed in the Anglican Church and it was at this time that she felt God's call on her life to become a missionary in Africa.
She joined Church Army and was sent to Tanganyika (later Tanzania) in 1956. Dorothy served in Mwanza, north-west Tanzania until 1960 when she moved to Kongaw in central Tanzania to join the staff of St Philip's Theological College. It was here that she spent 17 years (1960-65, then 1972-83) teaching and training Christian leaders for the Anglican, Lutheran and Moravian Churches. In between her time in Kongaw she worked for the Diocese in Morogoro. Dorothy moved to Msalto to teach theological students until she retired in 1988.
Dorothy's 32 years in Tanzania teaching the Bible left a huge legacy of great Christian leadership in the Tanzanian church.
When she returned to England and settled back in her home town or Ormskirk she became an active member of the parish church, often preaching and leading a weekly bible study well into her late 80s.
She also contributed to the biblical knowledge of ministers of the Christian church throughout East Africa by writing a series of commentaries in excellent Swahili on books of the New Testament. These are still in print.
Dorothy was awarded the MBE by the Queen in 1989.
Dorothy very kindly left Church Army a gift in her Will for which we are incredibly thankful.
Alma Austin   

The late Alma Jean Austin

1 July 1921-26 September 2015

Although Alma’s official name was Alma she never really liked it and went by the name of Jean. Due to her parents’ poor health at the age of 11, Jean moved to live with hr grandparents in Freshville, Derbyshire, now part of Sheffield. On leaving school Jean went to work for the Civil Service, firstly working in the Department of Employment in London and then later returning to work for the same department in Sheffield. Jean loved outdoor activities and to travel. At the age of 61, Jean married Frederick Austin. Frederick was a widower with twin daughters. Jean and Fred set up home together in Doncaster and were actively involved in church life there. Fred sadly passed away 7 months after Jean. Jean very kindly remembered Church Army in her Will leaving us a very generous legacy of £1,000.


The late Florence Lines

Died: 17 September 2014

Left Church Army a gift of £2,000
Florence attended a number of churches where Church Army Sisters were part of the pastoral teams and she wanted to see the work of Church Army furthered.

Edna Charlwood  

The late Edna Charlwood

1918 - 26 September 2014
Left Church Army a gift of £8,000
Edna chose to remember Church Army in her Will because practical expressions of Christian love were central to her life. During her lifetime Edna ran bible classes and helped at Sunday School, as well as visiting older members of her church family who were unwell.

Monica Lambourne  

The late Monica Lambourne

1918 - 8 May 2014
Left Church Army a gift of £500
In the late 1930s Monica spent some time in a London hospital with a leg problem and then went to Church Army's Court Moor Home in Fleet, Hampshire to recuperate. Monica was a lifelong member of the Church of England and because of her personal experiences of Church Army, had always supported our work.
Winifred Dooley  

The late Winifred Dooley

Died: 14 March 2014
Left Church Army a gift of £32,800
Winifred's family remember her as a gentle and kind soul who loved animals and cared deeply about the environment. She was a dedicated Christian who taught in Sunday School and preached in her local church, St Luke's, Battersea Rise.

Ivy Fordham  

The late Ivy Jane "Jen" Fordham

20 April 1914 - 7 December 2013
Left Church Army a gift of £2,000
Jen chose to remember Church Army in her Will because her husband, who had been bought up in a small village in County Durham, was encouraged by his vicar to join Church Army. Jen's husband was renowned for playing his trumpet in the open air to encourage people to attend Church Army meetings.
Ruth Pegler  

The late Ruth Pegler

Died: 7 June 2014
Left Church Army a gift of £100
Through the various churches Ruth attended she came into contact with members of Church Army and in particular she had an interest in the work with the homeless in South Wales and London.
Mary Rogers  

The late Mary Katherine Rogers

Died: 8 March 2014
Mary’s parents worked in the workhouse institutions of West and North Yorkshire and so from an early age she felt an affinity with the homeless. Mary went on to train as a nurse and midwife, working with wounded soldiers from Dunkirk and elsewhere during the Second World War. Her nursing career took her to India were she was a sister in charge at a hospital in Dimapur, nursing soldiers of all nationalities from the conflict in Burma. Later on in life, as her children had grown up, Mary raised finance for a hostel, The Haven Mother and Baby’s Home in Sutton, Surrey, for young girls made homeless through pregnancy, where she befriended and helped many as they gave up their babies for adoption or moved on to life as single mothers. As a result of the work Mary had dedicated her life to she felt a strong connection to the work of Church Army and chose to leave us a gift of £5,000 in her Will to go to our Marylebone Project in London, working with homeless women. “Being able to give her money to some of the causes she felt drawn to reminds us of what a cheerful and loving person she was.” - Marion Gerson (Mary’s daughter).
Carolyn Kinsman, 23/05/2017