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The vision for Scunthorpe Centre of Mission, which was launched in July 2017, is 'Transforming Communities, Building Church'. It is led by Paul McDonough and Sean Andrews and works in three communities across Scunthorpe (the Riddings estate, Westcliff and Berkeley). The role of Scunthorpe Centre of Mission is to encourage the present church communities and also bring hope to the wider community and show that Jesus is relevant and that he cares about the folk who live in these areas. Paul and Sean have been building relationships with statutory and local organisations across Scunthorpe. They run Mossy Church (a fresh expression of church) in two locations in the area, which has outside family activities and worship, with a number of families attending for the first time. Paul has been leading assemblies in schools in Berkley, where he is based. He is also a chaplain at North Lindsey College and has also become chaplain to the Forge Centre in Brumby, which works with homeless men and women, providing a drop-in and food. Sean is based on the Riddings estate and works a lot with young people in the area, including at the local youth centre and he also does school visits and assemblies in the three schools on the estate. He also helps at a local Church Lads & Church Girls Brigade Club and continues to provide support and mentoring to families in the local area. They have also opened a pottery cafe on the Riddings estate and opened a Your Mind Matters group for people struggling with mental ill health. In Westcliffe, Paul and Sean run a men's group and have been working with the local foodbank and creating a community garden and nature and conservation area for local schools and groups. You can read more about what Paul and Sean have been up to in their most recent newsletter.

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