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Hackney Centre of Mission

Our Hackney Centre of Mission was launched in September 2018, in partnership with the Diocese of London. It is led by Lead Evangelist Steve Plumb, and Pioneer Evangelist Andrena Palmer. The centre of mission was launched in September 2018, in partnership with Hackney Marsh Parish, and the Diocese of London. Hackney is a borough of over 425,000 residents who contribute to a diverse, vibrant, multicultural community. The borough has a mix of communities of wealth and of deprivation. Local churches, agencies, charities and social enterprises run numerous projects seeking to enhance the lives of residents. The Hackney Centre of Mission seeks to work in collaboration to support some existing initiatives and initiate new work. They work with the Hackney Winter Night Shelter offering support and practical help to those amongst the homeless community and with Housing Justice which finds hosts for Asylum seekers. The Clapton Park Tenants Management group have also worked with Steve to run community events. A weekly drop-in Barneys Café seeks to meet the needs of people with difficult life circumstances, Hackney Centre of Mission’s vision is to grow new expressions of missional Christian community and inspire mission and evangelism across the Hackney deanery. Church Army’s resource Faith Pictures will be key to doing this. Andrena who started in October 2019 is primarily working amongst unchurched young people (secondary school and older). To find out up-to-date news about Hackney Centre of Mission, read their latest newsletter.

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Carolyn Kinsman, 27/06/2017