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Langley Centre of Mission 

Langley Centre of Mission is based in Oldbury, an industrial area west of Birmingham, on the borders of the Black Country, close to the M5/M6 junction. It is largely made up of a number of urban estates, with a concentration of 11 schools, including three secondary schools in the area. the centre of mission is a partnership between Church Army and Church of England Birmingham and was launched in November 2020, with Val Legg as Lead Evangelist. She was joined in January 2021 by Pioneer Evangelist, Simeon Jarvis, who grew up locally. The centre of mission have been prayer walking and developing local relationship in COVID-safe ways, such as in parks with neighbours. Several opportunities have opened up with people who are keen to collaborate and with others who seem open to the gospel. They also have plans to use upcoming festivals for one off, COVID-safe outreach events, following on from events around Christmas and Valentine's Day. You can read more from Langley Centre of Mission in their latest newsletter.

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