Earlier this year, chaplains from Waterways Chaplaincy (part of the Church Army family) were alerted to the plight of a man and his cat, both of whom were in danger due to a sinking canal boat. A chaplain bravely stepped in!
Sandra has been joining in with an online Bible Study during lockdown in Liverpool, run by Church Army Evangelist Cherith. It's incredible to hear how God is at work in people's lives despite being unable to meet with them in person due to the pandemic.
In Hackney, Andrena Palmer is running online workshops to help improve the self-esteem and mental health of young black women like Kira* and Gaynor*. (*names changed)
After her husband of 34 years left her and her children stopped coming to visit, Cara struggled with her mental health. She tried to deal with it on her own but found it was too much to cope with. (*name changed) (Trigger warning: suicide)
Our world has changed. It is physically and mentally draining. We hear from our North Belfast Centre of Mission and the positive impact it's having on those struggling in the community. (Photo Credit: Diocese of Connor) (Trigger warning: suicide)
We love seeing the light of Jesus transform lives. Sam shares how God's love took her from a dark place to one with a bright future.
Cian and Meg share how being part of Church Army's Xplore small groups were a great place of encouragement and honesty, helping them grow in evangelism.
Lockdown has forced a lot of things to change, but Ruth has been leaning into the difficulties created by social distancing, to bring people closer together and closer to Jesus.
Sinead and Chris share how being part of Church Army's Xplore enabled them to grow massively in their relationship with God and gain confidence in sharing their faith with others.
The pandemic has caused a lot of fear for a lot of people. Into this context, Church Army Evangelists are sharing Jesus’ peace and love, and supporting their communities in sensitive and relevant ways.
In North Belfast, we're working with Baby Basics to help struggling families get the essential items they need for their baby or toddler to thrive. We're so thankful for the Duchess of Cambridge's support!
A study by Young Minds has revealed the pressure that COVID-19 and lockdown has put on young people. Find out how our Bradford Centre of Mission are going the extra mile to offer practical, emotional and spiritual support to the young people at a distance